Mass Shootings Map

The Mass Shootings Map on Gun Safety Facts is a comprehensive resource for tracking and understanding mass shootings across the United States. This interactive map provides detailed information about each incident, including the date, location, and number of victims. By continually updating with new data, it serves as a crucial tool for researchers, policymakers, and concerned citizens aiming to address and prevent mass shootings.

Key Features of the Mass Shootings Map

  1. Interactive Interface: The map allows users to zoom in on specific locations and click on markers to access detailed information about each shooting incident.
  2. Comprehensive Data: Each incident is documented with key details such as the date, location, number of victims, and context of the shooting.
  3. Regular Updates: The map is frequently updated with new data, ensuring that users have access to the most recent information on mass shootings.
  4. Search Functionality: Users can search for specific incidents or filter data based on various criteria, such as location, date range, or number of victims.

Adding New Locations to the Map

To keep the Mass Shootings Map current and comprehensive, users can contribute by adding new locations. Here's how:

  1. Submit Information: Users can submit details of a new mass shooting incident via the website's submission form.
  2. Verification: The submitted information is verified by the site administrators to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  3. Update: Once verified, the new location is added to the map, providing an up-to-date resource for all users.

The Importance of the Mass Shootings Map

The Mass Shootings Map is not only a tool for tracking incidents but also serves as an educational resource. By visualizing the data, it helps to raise awareness about the prevalence and impact of mass shootings. It also provides valuable insights that can inform policy decisions and preventive measures.


The Mass Shootings Map on Gun Safety Facts is an essential resource for anyone looking to understand and address the issue of mass shootings in the United States. By providing comprehensive, up-to-date information, and encouraging community contributions, it plays a vital role in the ongoing effort to enhance public safety and prevent future tragedies.